Acts of Knowing – new book out soon

Acts of Knowing cover

About Acts of Knowing (to be published in March 2013)

The text below is from the Bloomsbury online catalogue.

This provocative book’s starting point is a deep and profound concern about the commodification of knowledge within the contemporary university.

Acts of Knowing aims to provide readers with a means of understanding the issues from the perspective of Critical Pedagogy; an educational philosophy which believes that ‘knowing’ must be freed from the constraints of the financial and managerialist logics which dominate the contemporary university. Critical Pedagogy is important for three key reasons: it conceptualises pedagogy as a process of engagement between the teacher and taught; secondly that that engagement is based on an underlying humanistic view about human worth and value; and thirdly that the ‘knowing’ which can come out of this engagement needs to be understood essentially as exchange between people, rather than a financial exchange.

Cowden and Singh argue that the conception of education as simply a means for securing economic returns for the individual and for the society’s positioning in a global marketplace, represents a fundamentally impoverished conception of education, which impoverishes not just individuals, but society as a whole.

Table Of Contents

Introduction – Critical Pedagogy and the Crisis in the Contemporary University; Part 1 – Perspectives on the Crisis in Education; 1: On the New Poverty of Student Life; 2: Sat-Nav Education – A Means to an End or an End to Meaning; 3: Critical Pedagogy, Public Sociology and Student Activism; 4: The Practical Politics of ‘Criticality’ in Higher Education; 5: Opening Spaces of Possibility in the University- Critical Pedagogy in the Teaching of Social Justice; Part 2 : Critical Pedagogy and Popular Education ; 6: Critical Pedagogy and the Uses of Freire and Bourdieu; 7: The Neoliberal University, Critical Pedagogy and Popular Education; 8: Indigenous Pedagogy; 9: Popular Education and Higher Education; 10: Critical Pedagogy, Critical Theory and Critical Hope; 11: Autonomist Marxism, Social Movements and Popular Education; Bibliography; Index


About The Critical Pedagogy Collective
This site aims to provide resources, discussion and a space for public dialogue about the transformative potential within the broad traditions of critical pedagogy and emancipatory education.

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