BOOK LAUNCH – Acts of Knowing: Critical Pedagogy In, Against and Beyond the University

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
Richard Crossman Building Room RC124
Coventry University
Priory Street, Coventry CV1 5FB

Neoliberal reforms have dramatically changed the landscape of higher education. For some, we are seeing an inevitable evolution of the idea of education; for others, the commodification and privatization of the university is extremely troubling. This event marks the publication of a new book – Acts of Knowing: Critical Pedagogy In, Against and Beyond the University – and focuses on some of the central issues it raises. Why and how can ‘knowing’ be freed from the constraints of the financial and managerial logics which are coming to dominate higher education? How can we conceptualize and develop alternative strategies within the system, and change the system as it is currently constituted? What is the significance of the popular opposition to neoliberalism that is emerging in recent occupations of university campuses, and of the wider political and social revolutionary movements that are being born out of the crisis that has arisen from the imposition of draconian austerity measures?

Schedule for the day

12.30   Refreshments and registration

1.00     Book Launch (Mike Neary, Dean of Teaching and Learning, University of Lincoln)

1.30     Reflections from editorial collective (Joyce Canaan, Stephen Cowden, Gurnam Singh)

2.00     Past, present and future of the Midlands Critical Pedagogy Group (Sarah Amsler)

3.00     Protect the Public University – reflections on Warwick occupation and activism to come

4.00     Finish and opportunity for informal dialogue


About The Critical Pedagogy Collective
This site aims to provide resources, discussion and a space for public dialogue about the transformative potential within the broad traditions of critical pedagogy and emancipatory education.

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