About us

What is The Critical Pedagogy Collective?

The CPC is an autonomous collective of UK-based educators who are united through:

  • a conviction that education for progressive social change can and does happen throughout social life, not only in schools, the university or on the front lines of political struggle; and
  • an understanding that those struggling for social justice agendas in different spheres of life can cooperate to produce knowledge that can inform, motivate and enable more effective forms of action.

We are social scientists who work in both formal and informal education – that is, in state-supported institutions such as colleges and universities, and in schools, temples, community centres, the media, our homes, cultural institutions and autonomous spaces. While often working as as a small collective, we also collaborate with other educators and cultural workers – many of whom work against the grain of their own professions and institutional cultures – to share knowledge, experience and solidarity.

Learn more about our aims and questions


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