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Critical Pedagogy as Praxis

14 December 2012

Coventry University

Interest in critical pedagogy and popular education is proliferating as a means to breathe life back into education, particularly in order to respond to problems of increasing economic inequalities and exclusion, the evisceration of democracy, and cultural and ecological violence. At the same time, there is concern that critical pedagogical practices ‘risk becoming conflated with a set of methods that block creativity rather than enabling it’, and that they may become ‘severed from…political, philosophical and ethical underpinnings and potential’ (to read more, see here).

This event, which is organised by the Critical Pedagogy Collective, is dedicated to exploring the philosophical underpinnings of our critical traditions of education, considering the implications of practicing them both within and outside of formal educational institutions, and opening up space to discuss critical pedagogical praxis today.

The day is divided into two sessions: a morning research seminar, and an afternoon of public talks and discussions. The morning seminar will be dedicated to a focused examination of conceptual work around the nature and politics of transformative cultural practice.

Participants are invited to express an interest in attending either or both sessions when registering below.

Morning research seminar

9:30  Coffee/tea

10:00 – 12:00

This seminar will be organised around a presentation by Sarah Amsler (University of Lincoln) of preliminary findings from a British Academy funded research project on ‘The politics of transformative culture’. This interview-based project with popular artists, educators and cultural activists is exploring how certain pedagogical practices and environments shape the possibility and character of socio-political change.

Afternoon programme

12:00  Lunch and introductions

12:30  Jones Irwin, Dublin City University
The Contemporary Sense of Paulo Freire’s Vision of the Political Educator
(Author of Paulo Freire’s Philosophy of Education: Origins, Developments, Impacts and Legacies, 2012)

1:30    Marion Bowl, University of Birmingham
Ducking and diving: adult educator agency in testing times

2:30    Group discussions

4:00    Concluding remarks

4:30    Socialising

The talks and research seminar are free and open to all those interested in attending. However, please register here so we know how many people to expect.

If you would like to participate in the morning seminar, which will be focused on theorising critical cultural and pedagogical practice, please explain something more about your particular interest in the session.

Location and directions

The event will be held at:

The Welcome Centre (adjacent to Coventry University Techno Centre)
47 Parkside
Coventry CV1 2HG

Click here for full location.


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